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Meet Dana Kraft of 02 Massage in BozemanI am excited and honored to part of my clients’ health and wellness programs. Like other health care professionals, I am a facilitator of the healing process. Sometimes that process is readily apparent like a strained muscle, and sometimes it is more complex and subtle.

The body is an incredibly divine instrument. It plays harmonious “music” when it’s balanced and healthy. Sometimes, though, outside forces play havoc to our “melodies.” Chinese medicine calls these “pernicious” forces and Western medicine calls them “irregularities” or “stressors.” Whatever names we choose to use, these forces create experiences that the body absorbs like a sponge.

Each person responds and adapts differently to his/her environmental “stressors”, so each massage session is structured to address to clients’ individual needs and concerns. Therefore, no massage session is a “one size fits all” endeavor.

My role as a massage therapist is to help my clients free their bodies of pain, discomfort, and toxins, and to reset their balanced settings. This return to balance is achieved through teamwork (client and massage therapist).

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At the age of five, Dana entered the professional massage realm when her father commissioned her for a back rub. He gave her a quarter for her services.

Although she discovered that massage was gratifying and profitable, she followed more traditional academic pursuits by graduating grade school, high school, and ultimately, college.

She taught high school English, speech and drama for seven years in Montana. She also coached competitive debate, speech, and drama teams. She loved her teaching position, but she and her husband moved to Dallas, Texas, so that he could be immersed in the electronics industry.

Dana taught school for four years in the suburbs of Dallas. Although she enjoyed her students, she did not feel comfortable with the bureaucracy of a larger school and the potential violence in the changing school climate.

She closed the public school teaching chapter of her life and attended paralegal school where she graduated with a certificate of honors. She began her career in a small firm.

At this firm she was introduced to massage. Before long, she was receiving regular massages to alleviate stress and correct her poor posture.

As Dana became more experienced and skilled in the legal field, she changed positions as well. She moved to a large international law firm as a legal secretary.

Dana’s body reacted as the stress level increased. She was experiencing chronic pain and health problems.

It was then that she noticed her weekly chair massages were not only a welcomed break from her intense job but also a necessary part of emotional and physical wellness.

Her passion for massage was reignited. She attended massage night school while working full-time in her legal job. She graduated nine months later.

Not unlike the birth of a child, Dana’s journey was filled with pain, fear, and joy. She and her husband divorced, and she moved to Bozeman where she attended Healthworks Institute. She honed her massage skills and was encouraged to pursue massage therapy as a career.

Nineteen years later Dana is a full-time massage therapist. Every day she’s grateful to follow her life’s passion and help others discover the joy and magic of massage.

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