Always Appreciated – the Gift of Massage

Want to give a special gift that is always the right size and brings a smile? Give the gift of touch! You can never go wrong with a gift that is appreciated by people of all ages. … [Read more...]

Healthy for body and mind

Massage can help you relax and ease stress, and the effects can be both immediate and cumulative. Benefits include an increased sense of well-being. … [Read more...]

Care for your feet

Be kind to your feet! Pampered feet can make your body and mind smile, and massage can give those feet the special care they crave. … [Read more...]

Water drop

[Read more...]

Motherhood and the Magic of Creation

Springtime in the Rockies is magical. The magician taps her wand. Riotous colors sprout through the sloggy snow. The quiet, heavy veil of winter rips, and the true magnificence of the mountains exposes itself. Birds trumpet the change by their melodious greetings. Squirrels dart in and out of the … [Read more...]

Cup of Serenity

One of my secret pleasures is to sit on my loveseat in the morning, look outside, and drink my coffee. In the winter the cats and I huddle around the HappyLite and stay warm by cuddling. In the summer we are enthralled with the outdoors, especially the birds who chirp happily at the bird feeder. … [Read more...]

Sleep, the Final Frontier

“…and miles to go before I sleep.” This phrase from Robert Frost’s Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening sums up the modern attitude toward sleep. We feel we need to do more, see more, be more. Since most of us have not discovered how to slow down or stop time, we make our days more “productive” … [Read more...]

Kinesthetically Challenged

Most of the people who have spent some time with me are aware that I am “kinesthetically challenged.” Is this some special disability? Was I born with it or did it appear after a sudden or prolonged illness? Let me explain. “Kinesthetically challenged” is my fancy term for “klutz.” I have always … [Read more...]

Winter is Coming

It’s hard to believe that this Friday marks the beginning of the fall equinox.  “Equinox” is derived from the Latin words “aequus “(equal) and “nox” (night).  It’s supposed to be that time of year where days and nights are roughly the same length.  It’s a natural reminder of balance. If you are … [Read more...]

Massage and Your Healthy Life

Massage therapy is an integral part of any health or wellness program. After an injury massage can foster faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduce pain and swelling; decrease muscle spasms; prevent excessive scar tissue formation; and restore joint flexibility and range of … [Read more...]

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